• Cheyenne Saturday - Richard Jessup
  • The Bloody Medallion - Richard Jessup writing as Richard Telfair
  • Chuka - Richard Jessup
  • The Cincinnati Kid - Richard Jessup
  • The Branch Will Not Break - James Wright
  • Roadmap Through Bullying: Effective Bully Prevention for Educators - Julie Nicolai
  • The Definitive Brother Juniper - Father Justin 'Fred' McCarthy
  • Portrait of an Artist with 26 Horses: Empty-Grave Vanilla Edition - William Eastlake
  • The Tales of Yot - Adam Nicolai
  • The Shaggy Man of Oz - Jack Snow
  • The Magical Mimics in Oz - Jack Snow
  • The Silver Princess in Oz - Ruth Plumly Thompson
  • Armchair Locomotion - Jen May
  • Grin and Bear It - George Lichty
  • The Strange World of Mr. Mum - Irving Phillips
  • Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Brother Juniper at Work and Play - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Brother Juniper Strikes Again - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Battle Cry - Jen May
  • Inside Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • More Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Well Done, Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • The Whimsical World of Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • The Ecumenical Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy


Empty-Grave Publishing focuses on creating digital versions of printed material that may currently be unavailable, difficult to find, or expensive to buy.   We also take advantage of Print-On-Demand publishing so that readers preferring the paper will be able to experience our revamped work as well.  And, like the digital versions, POD publishing offers unlimited quantity.

Our first goal is to create availability of obscure works.  Our second goal is to extend the content by creating supplementary material that paper publishers are simply unable to provide.  This additional content typically leverages features unique to digital material – such as interactivity and a cost-free medium.  And due to low printing costs, we may also provide our extended content in our POD print versions.

We are not bound by material costs or business decisions or trends.  Our only constraint is the number of hours in a day.  This allows us to take on any project – no matter how unprofitable, unpopular, time-consuming, or ill-advised it may be.  We do so with the knowledge that, while we may not find readership for a piece of work now, our efforts have an infinite quantity that will be available for as long as human or alien readers exist.  We find that to be more than ample incentive to put forth the effort.

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