• Cheyenne Saturday - Richard Jessup
  • The Bloody Medallion - Richard Jessup writing as Richard Telfair
  • Chuka - Richard Jessup
  • The Cincinnati Kid - Richard Jessup
  • The Branch Will Not Break - James Wright
  • Roadmap Through Bullying: Effective Bully Prevention for Educators - Julie Nicolai
  • The Definitive Brother Juniper - Father Justin 'Fred' McCarthy
  • Portrait of an Artist with 26 Horses: Empty-Grave Vanilla Edition - William Eastlake
  • The Tales of Yot - Adam Nicolai
  • The Shaggy Man of Oz - Jack Snow
  • The Magical Mimics in Oz - Jack Snow
  • The Silver Princess in Oz - Ruth Plumly Thompson
  • Armchair Locomotion - Jen May
  • Grin and Bear It - George Lichty
  • The Strange World of Mr. Mum - Irving Phillips
  • Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Brother Juniper at Work and Play - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Brother Juniper Strikes Again - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Battle Cry - Jen May
  • Inside Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • More Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • Well Done, Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • The Whimsical World of Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy
  • The Ecumenical Brother Juniper - Fr Justin McCarthy

Rejuvenation Projects

Rejuvenation Projects are natural extensions of e-publishing. By working closely with content we sometimes determine that it deserves more than just digitizing the work and making it available for anyone searching for it. What if nobody is searching for it?

When we select a book (or series) that provides excellent representation for what currently resides in the fringes – and if we feel the material is still relevant – we may start a Rejuvenation Project for it.

Rejuvenation Projects go a step further than digitizing, editing, creating supplementary content, designing covers, compiling, and distributing. In RPs we proselytize; we preach in public; we professionally promote. We try to spread the word by whatever methods are current and effective. We may acquire domains, create websites and blogs, form a Facebook and Twitter presence specifically for the work, or frequent forums where the content is most applicable. We may do all of these things.

With a regular project we are primarily looking to create availability while also adding a bit of unique supplementary content to give the work a modern spin. In a Rejuvenation Project we want to create availability and awareness – long term awareness.

We’d love to make everything we publish into a project, or mini-project, but we are bottle-necked by the length of the days. So we pick carefully and infrequently and hope people enjoy the fruit of our labor all the same.

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