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kdp delivery

Decrease Kindle File Size With Calibre to Lower KDP Delivery Fees

April 12, 2012

Amazon’s delivery fee (cost) is applied to all eBooks published in the KDP 70% royalty program. The fee is a flat $.15/MB of the size of converted content files and it is taken out of each royalty payment whenever an eBook is sold. Your calculated file size and delivery fee are shown on the “Rights […]

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How Does Amazon’s KDP 70% Royalty Delivery Cost (Delivery Fee) Work?

March 25, 2012

Amazon has created a smoke-screen of confusion surrounding the “delivery fee” or “delivery cost” associated with ebooks published under their 70% royalty option. This post will clear away some of that smoke. If you select the 70% Royalty option for your Kindle books published through Amazon’s KDP then you must pay a flat $0.15/MB (rounded […]

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